Life Change Now

Free course!

We’re currently offering a free course based on energy awareness! It is completely free of charge and non-binding.

Life Change Now offers tools to increase consciousness while improving your ordinary, practical life. Achieve more balance, raise your awareness and challenge your own limitations to create more of what you truly want.

What is it?

For 14 days you’ll be inspired by videos, lessons and exercises to get started on your own process of change!

And that without any costs on your behalf. You may also share the link with whomever you wish to encourage.

You’ll receive an e-mail every other day with everything you need to access the course site, where videos and extended material is found. The course is divided into 6 lessons, with varying themes for each lesson.

You’ll learn about confidence and how to boost it, comfort zones and how to step out of them, feelings and how to connect with them, awareness and how to start increasing it, and much more. You’ll get both the background theory, and the techniques on how to improve these elements of your life.

Start your path towards change today! Sign up for Life Change Now and be ready to get your energy flowing!

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