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This is an overwhelming moment for me. Those of you who know me from way back will understand. I love sharing my tools and insights with the world, and now it’s time to go online!

First of all, thank you for popping by. I hope Zikey will inspire you to think, feel and act in accordance with your soul. I hope you will contribute to our Zikey community by commenting, suggesting and sharing your love. I hope we will grow together!

Zikey, our new name, derives from Zi which means soul in Sumerian. Right now, my personal link to Sumerian stories are off theme, but Zi is a strong and energetic word. Our soul is greater than our thoughts and egos. Our soul is our connection to the world and the entire universe around us. And Zikey might just be the right key to indulge into these precious souls of ours!

We are at a point in history that scares us. The solutions to global challenges such as climate change – with air and waters being polluted – seem to come too slow. But at the same time, there is overwhelming evidence that the world is becoming a better place. Zikey seeks to address this gap and everything within it.

Consciousness and empathy is improving our life conditions with quite an impressing speed. It doesn’t mean that all is good, and we still have lots of challenges left to handle. For this, increasing our consciousness is key. Hopi Indians in Arizona suggest that we’re at an end point in three-dimensional awareness on this planet, an idea in line with quantum physics. We can follow the material focus of time and matter, and we are soon to be eradicated. Or we can increase our awareness to a higher frequency that includes five dimensions, and find solutions to continue life on this beautiful planet. This is exactly what we’re doing. So let’s enlighten each other and remove the negative bias of our world view. This way we’ll have the power to change and create more, better, stronger solutions.

I won’t predict the future, but personally I’ve experienced time after time that raising my awareness, searching from new perspectives, and not accepting the “old truths”, sometimes offers astonishing new solutions, new possibilities and improved life quality. And the big difference from when I started this journey as an 11-year-old until now, is that we are so many wanting to challenge the old truths on so many levels.

We have lots of new research helping us to understand quantum laws and energetic movements. We’re energetically part of the world around us, not separated from it. We are nature, not divided from it. Our minds, feelings and actions do make a difference! Therefore Zikey is suggesting that you have the key in your own hands. The soul key, your connection to everything else. What you send out into the energetic field matters. How you feel matters. How you act matters. So let’s make the most of it.

We are in the middle of huge changes – and that can be scary. But most of them are good changes! So, let’s support each other. Let’s get stronger and happier together. Let’s keep our hearts open so that we can spread love. Let’s turn all the energy we use for worrying, procrastinating, blaming, judging and hating into faith, hope and action. Let’s face those feelings that hold back our love. Let’s face those challenges we meet rather than going into freeze and depression, so we instead can act lovingly.

Step by step we can climb past that version of ourselves and the world where everything looks impossible. Together we can help each other, we can support good initiatives, we can spread faith in our soul’s ability to act congruently and in love.

That’s what we want to participate in. Nothing less. Possibly more. Welcome to Zikey.

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