Channeling from Ascended Master Hilarion:

This is a Channeling from Ascended Master Hilarion received by me this week, July 23.

Hilarion, – has taught me the Zikey system; The 12 laws of this Universe, through channelings for many years.

Todays channeling is simply consolation for longing hears.

May you enjoy.

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Beloved children of unity, children of One.

The time you are experiencing is a movement of inter-connected cells in a huge, synchronized universe. It all happens in such a high frequency the time frame is becoming irrelevant. And yet, for your experience it is of uttermost importance.

You have increased your awareness and your understanding of how

everything is related, and inter-connected.

On one level it is geometry.

On another it is colors and yet another sounds.

All is vibration, movement, energy in all various forms.

You know this to be true by now, – in your minds.

Through science and esoteric knowledge, you know all is part of this huge oneness.

But while searching for truth with your minds you tend to forget your direct connection.

The experience of belonging. The experience of oneness.

The mind alone separates, – if not connected to your senses.

The organs of interconnectedness, – if you will.

The ALL is too huge for anyone to understand through mind alone.

It is not even necessary to understand.

The ALL is meant to bring illuminating moments of truth, moments of bliss, moments of vision,

– as you walk your path and create your song.

What you are searching for is your way back.

Longing for another planet is not the answer. Longing for another life is not the answer.

It all happens here and now. You are home in oneness right now.

There is no place out there, which is more home than in here.

Because everything is simply a matter of where you rest your awareness.

So, rest your awareness on something beautiful, like an old tree with its crooked branches.

Rest your awareness on a young tree with its clear green power of bursting energy.

Rest your awareness on the heavy clouds drifting above you in silent passing, preparing to bless your nature with rain.

Rest your awareness on the ancient mountains beneath you, as they stay longer in the same shape than you and thus make you safe.

Or rest your awareness on a butterfly, whose life is transformed from one phase to the next in tune with the rhythm of the earth, the cycles of the seasons, – right in front of your very eyes.

Rest your awareness on the sounds of the birds and the wind playing in the leaves.

Rest your awareness on the music of waves, inspiring rushing emotions in silent hearts.

What you need is not to go home, but to become home.

In this ever-present moment.

Resting your awareness for a while.

Taking a break.

Making some space.

The essential step to ‘overcome’ the challenge of living your lives on earth right now (in timelessness) is to experience this truth.

To sense oneness through your bodies, hearts, AND minds.

To go from a level of theory to a level of initiation.

Because this is a year of initiation for you. A portal of illumination, which brings more challenges.

And more opportunities.

This is a moment to go through the resistance, keep walking through darkness and lift everyone out into a brighter light.

A light that will bring acceptance, clarity and balance.

Even though it may feel good to withdraw from this world of yours and get straight back to source your task in this moment in timelessness is to break through and find source in you. Right here. Right now.

You are part of source and inter-connected with everyone and everything right here.

Right now.

Breathe that in. And raise your awareness from the endless cycle of repetitions in third dimension to the freedom of higher awareness.

Open your heart.

If it is painful in there, cry it out and make space for you.

If your heart is filled with worries, give them back to source and create space for you.

If you are contented, even happy, then celebrate that in oneness with all.

As your loving vibrations may reach all those who can’t find it in their heart to love right now.

This way, by sharing both pain and happiness with source, you become one again in your hearts.

You may reenter the bliss of oneness from your own core.

There is no need to try so hard to be happy.

There is no need to try so hard to be perfect.

There is no need to try so hard to be loved.

Because your very existence tells you the Universe loves you.

Your soul is breathing life into you every moment.

There is nothing but love, and becoming lost from your path or blind to your pwn magnificence simply means you need to stop. Take a breath.

Re-connect. Cry, laugh, dance, touch the soil and weep, – not for your planet, but for yourselves.

Not because you are lost, but because you are enlightening the pain and re-entering the Kingdom of Hearts.

You are home. Through the inter-connectedness of all. At all times.

We are one.

Be blessed. (Hilarion)