Spiritual awakening

Easter as a spiritual reminder of the 432 awakening💛

Easter is a time packed with symbolism for the Western Hemisphere, which means it’s an excellent time for introspection, contemplation and spiritual growth


We have celebrated this time of year, – perhaps from the dawn of time?
– all of us who are waiting for the new spring.

Regardless of whether we stick to the Christian narrative or go further back, Easter brings a message of hope.
Hope for renewal. Hope for the rebirth of life.
Hope for what is to come. Hope for new opportunities.

What does this mean for us today?
For those of us who relate to a new and less religious spirituality.
A spirituality that is about our own direct contact with the life-affirming energy we are all part of.

For me, it brings light to the awakening. The consciousness.
The spirit of Easter is about renewal.
We can renew relationships that have been taken for granted and express gratitude to and for our loved ones.
We can also make room for our own renewal by seeing life with ‘new eyes’.

I consider light and sound frequencies to be part of this work.

The magic for the future is in understanding these frequencies in nature, in ourselves, in healing. And create changes. See what kind of changes we want, on the outside and on the inside.

(I know the magical 432 hz is a powerful connection to our natural healing vibrations, and there are so many magical frequencies for different purposes. But more on that later.If you want to check out the 21-day Spiritual Super-Growth Program, feel free to click here.

In pagan times, in early spring, the fertility goddess Ostara was celebrated. She was also known as ‘Eastre’ or ‘Eostre’, and the origin of Easter.
It’s all about the growing light for Ostara. It’s about the dawn in the east.
About a new day that rises after the night.
And finally the end of winter, which slowly lets go and makes way for spring.
The annual resurrection of nature.

Ostara is the goddess of this new-born spring, of the awakening of the budding forces that have been ‘charging’ in the earth.

Easter is the celebration of these forces through symbols such as the egg (new life) and the hare (fertility).

So, how can we use this holiday full of fertility symbols for personal growth and development?
Why not ask ourselves;

  • What do I want to sow in this fertile land?
  • What new things do I want to create in my own life?
  • What do I want to fill my blank sheets with?

Maybe Easter is not a quiet week for you. Perhaps you have no time for contemplation right now. spring is just in its infancy and you have plenty of time to sow your new ideas in the weeks to come 💚

As awareness grows, we will always see life in a slightly different perspective. Each ‘spring’ provides opportunities for adjustments and changes.

By being ‘in alignment’ with our higher self, it is easier to see what we really want.
What we are here to share. If you want to get some help finding out what you would need to work on right now, check out the free daily card here!

By alignment I mean aligning our ego with our higher consciousness or soul. So that my will (the ego’s will) is aligned with my purpose for being here.

This gives creative power that manifests what makes us satisfied in a deep inner way.

Ostara as goddess represents this very fertile creative force.
Easter is therefore the perfect time to give life to new projects, new ideas and not least to make the conditions better for what you really want to create.

I wish you a really good Easter full of budding new vitality!
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