HAPPY NEW YEAR with Zikey numerology

2021 has begun, and I want to share my take on the numbers ‘2021’ according to Zikey.

Let’s start with a glimpse of last year. 2020 was a double 2, a number referring to duality. The number 2 (Law of Balance) is all about balancing between the poles, and the 2 plus 2 makes a structural 4 (Law of Safety) which should give balance and stability – but easily settle our ideas into polarized frames of thought.

Personally, I have never felt so much pressure on choosing sides. When wanting to discuss openly and critically various difficult aspects of the entire Covid19 situation, it’s like one is expected to be for or against. I mean, you should take a stand; for or against masks, for or against Covid19 as a hoax, for or against the health-related restrictions and thereby against global economic stability, – or the other way around.

But the world is a complex interaction with no one mind in charge. In a democracy we are supposed to have the right to diverse opinions and even criticize our leaders’ decisions.  If we are locked in a polarized view of right or wrong, we limit ourselves from gaining new information and taking better choices. A new situation requires an openness and willingness to respect different views on solutions.

We are moving into constantly higher frequencies of consciousness. The past is full of experiences to learn from. In Zikey, the Law number 2 is all about taking responsibility for those experiences, for ourselves and for our future. Using the Law of Balance with awareness we can move us from black-and-white thinking to a higher perspective that gives us new light. It may even bring us peace in the midst of the storm.

Now, in this new year, 2021, we suddenly get more movement, more possibilities! The 2+1 is both Balance and new Energy (1, The Law of Energy). It even brings in the 3rd point of perspective, the bird perspective, the holy trinity of Consciousness (Law number 3).

And most importantly, we end up with a 5, The Law of Intuition. This represents the ability to listen and to be moved. This is resonance, compassion, empathy. The willingness to give rather than just demand. To take care of each other. With social distancing we really need to be brave and reach out for help when in need. And take that call to someone you worry about, or simply care about. Loneliness can be crueller than any virus.

We also shouldn’t forget we still have a fragile ecosystem and a global situation much more threatening to humanity and all living being than Covid19. Bies and butterflies, – wildlife all around, need us to keep moving, keep loving, keep living, keep working towards our common future!

With these Laws in action for 2021 I have faith in us. None of us have the perfect overview in this complex world we live in. Let’s be brave, critical and humble in our searching for new solutions. Let’s be respectful towards each other in this process. Let’s share opinions also with people who disagree with our views. Let’s listen and learn from each other. We can do this together.

We are all related. One Love.

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