Love in the time of Corona

In these times of Corona virus, people are scared and confused and have all sorts of opinions on how to act.

It’s a good moment to consider how we interact with people. A moment to contemplate.

Personally, I always actively prevent the flu, as my body was never the strongest. Many times, I’ve wished people in the grocery store to be more considerate when coughing and sneezing around food. Right now, I think we learn important lessons of consideration.

We tend to care more for our loved ones, like family and pets. That’s only natural. Seldom are we put in the position where we must choose to spend scarce resources on our pet or saving unknown people’s lives. Not consciously. But globally our leaders always need to take huge decisions of where to put in resources, and especially in the time of crisis.

Sure, it’s a time for alertness and critical thinking to learn and grow, but most of all it’s a time for compassion. You don’t know the reason behind people’s actions. When someone is herding butter from the shop, it might be they have lived hunger. When someone young and strong is scared out of their minds it may be, they just lost someone they loved. When someone doesn’t seem to care at all or even laughs at you, it might be their psychological strategy to cope.

We’re experiencing something new in the west. Asia may be more competent because of experience. So, let’s learn rather than judge.

Whatever this virus is here to teach us, let’s collaborate rather than hate, stand together even with distance. And as always; let our thoughts and actions be guided by love.

Silja ♡

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