Awareness – a curse or a blessing?

Our 3rd Cycle Card out is: Consciousness! Naturally, it belongs to the Law of Consciousness.

My son stated, at the age of 7, that “consciousness is a curse”. I was rather stunned. And it made me think.

On the path of spiritual awareness, we choose to wake up, look at things, ask questions. Whether it is awareness of the environment, our feelings or the entire political system – we try to embrace reality and see things as they are, rather than putting our heads in the sand.

It might be easier to be blindfolded. It might be easier not knowing that species are extinguished or refugees suffering. But the problem is, if we want to make a difference with our own existence, we need to be brave! As we work on in Life Change Now and Alpha Omega, we are naturally resistant against change. Yet it makes us grow. And we can grow endlessly.

Right now, in the middle of Christmas, the last few days of this year – let’s be conscious. I mean, really awake. Let’s look inside.

Artwork by Katrina Vrebalovich

What have I wasted my energy on, worrying about unnecessarily this year? Which emotions go on repeat, without my conscious knowledge? Which actions have I wasted time on, which don’t bring neither me nor the people around me any good? How can I empower myself to create valuable days for me and those around me? Who could I write an empowering or uplifting message to? Who would need something from me, in a good way for all?

Whether you can bake a cake to a lonely neighbour, or you are the lonely neighbour yourself, there is always something you can do! Reach out for a helping hand or offer one yourself. Do you have a healthy and strong body? Well, not all of us have. Someone may need a help shovelling snow! We all need to be seen and being thought of. And it’s lovely to be generous! Give some little of your time and effort, and you will boost your own wellbeing.

Conscious living is about addressing the here and now. Not about doing good to count karma-points for the future, or feeling snug about yourself. It’s the awareness of our togetherness. That we all belong to this same life! Right here right now. It’s about inspiring conversations, hugs, laughter and tears, and food made with love, not stress.

Let yourself be aware of what you’re sending out into this pool of energy we all share. Even if you may have your mother-in-law staying for the holidays. Or exactly because she is visiting. Yes, being aware and awake may challenge us. But it’s not a curse. It’s our future. Let’s wake up together. Starting with this present moment. Breathe in love. Breathe out gratitude. Choose consciousness. Choose love.

♡ Silja

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