2023: What’s love got to do with it?

This year is an important year.

According to the 12 Energetic Laws of this Universe we’re talking about initiation.

At that is actually The Law of Attraction in its fullest potential.

No, The Law of Attraction is not a universal law of how to manifest money.

Not only. By far.

The Law of Attraction is so much more.


To me it is about how we create this world together.

How we attract opportunities, solutions, possibilities

And what we do with that same potential!


Do we act in accordance with our hearts? 

And what does our hearts have to do with the global situation?


My grown kids and me, have a dog to share.

She’s called Ipanema.

She’s an extremely small dog, full of joy and energy.

When we walk her on the streets, we see faces all day cracking into a smile.

One day I met this elderly lady, yes, really a lady with a lovely hat to her suit.

She stopped to great our little Ipanema with a big smile that turned into some soft remains of sorrow on her face.

I had time, and she had stories to tell, so we spent the next half hour together sharing her memories of a dog from the past, while all the time watching and touching Ipanema.

The energy was so intense and full of love. So present.


And that’s when I realized that everything we experience in the moment can directly link to the past and heal our hurts.


Ipanema is such a healer. She makes people feel. Sense. Be present.

Even with their past.


Now, talking about the global situation.

I am wondering, can we take destructive choices when totally connected with nature?

And how can we be connected to nature if we fail to connect with our own hearts?


I’m talking about that link from my heart (or gut) to the universe.

That voice inside that simply knows what’s the best for me AND my surroundings.

Not by repressing, but by sensing in the present.


I know the global situation makes many afraid and helpless.

I know that it can be hard to stay optimistic and see the new solutions. And even harder to act in coherence with both our hearts and the knowledge we possess.


That’s why I think we all need to keep healing our personal wounds.

Help each other heal.

  •  What does your heart need to heal?


A walk in the woods, meditation or calling a friend?

Maybe your happy tingling arises while singing? Or dancing?

The earth is our mother. We are her children. Let’s connect!


This year we’re asked to walk our talk and learn self-love in practice.

We can’t do that without being part of nature.

Being part of oneness.

Being part of love.


So, I encourage you to look out for the Ipanemas of your world.

Those who make you smile (or cry) because they touch your heart.


And if you can be the Ipanema of someone else’s moment, then why not go out there and touch someone’s heart.

It’s all about love.


Happy 2023. Silja💛