Zikey’s self-development tools on YouTube!

Zikey is a basket of self-development tools rooted in love. And that is the intention with all our work.

That’s why we wanted to share Zikey on YouTube.

It is a time of a lot of fear, confusion and global issues that I believe has one root cause; Our distancing from nature, our eco-system, and spiritually from the entire universe we belong to.

We have got the idea that we are individuals firstly, with own needs and personal paths. (Being parts of unity just as a hobby if we please)

Sure, one part of being a human is individual. But just like a cell in our body cannot possibly live outside the body for any length of time, we cannot, as individuals, live without the rest of our nature either.

We are part of nature. We cannot breathe alone, live alone, live separated.

To find the solutions we need to live better on this planet, we need to come closer to the rest of nature. If your body hurts, like a head-ache, the rest of the body is involved. affected. Together in the imbalance. We need to look at the community of cells, humans, mammals, plants and everything else within the system we belong to, to regain our spirituality.

A spirituality where we are not told what to believe. Not told what to fear.

But a spirituality of inter-connectedness in itself. The experience of oneness. the experience of the divine, the universe, the love in all.

It does matter what you think and do. Maybe you feel too small.

But you are part of oneness and influencing the entire living organism of life itself. By your words, by your actions, by your thoughts, by your feelings. And by your connection. Through the senses. Life hearing your voice, touching your hand. You smelling the snow in the air that you breathe.

Connecting to life.

Personally, I admire those in charge of changing the system from within. My path is to support those who want to work on themselves and their spirituality for the good of all. To inspire individuals to grow and be brave and walk their talk. To remind us all to breathe. To find time to touch each others hearts. To listen to the trees and the birds and the ocean that is us. To listen to the spiritual realms and get stronger by the support of the Universe.

Spirituality is not only in our heads. It is in our actions.

Our hearts. Our words. Our senses.

We have created a YouTube channel called ZikeyEnergy where you will find tips and information based on the Zikey system. All with the purpose of sharing tools to enhance the experience of life.

We want to share supportive and encouraging thoughts and ideas in a time of need. Because sometimes we simply need to be reminded.

Reminded of the fact that we are never alone.

Lost, angry, lonely, frustrated, desperate, fearful, sad and in agony, sure. That is why we need each other. To lift and heal that part of us which is injured. But we cannot be alone more than any tree in the woods. We are part of oneness whether we experience that or not. Life moves interconnected with everything else in the depth of us. Like the seeds being nurtured by life while resting in the soil, waiting for the sun to melt the ice.

Zikey is based on the 12 spiritual laws of this universe. We want to share the tools with you. Share som ideas of how to work yourself up in frequencies. Get you on the path to enlightenment. Because seeing and experiencing the light in each other is the path back to nature.

The path back to each other. The path back to love.

So, let us lift each other into the experience of togetherness💛

Click here to see The Law of Spirituality on YouTube

Let us share some love💛