Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

We all have made them. In the past. Maybe just a few days ago. The New Year makes us want to do better. Set goals. Our New Year resolutions are inspired by faith and hope and willingness to grow. Yet, a few weeks into the new year we seem to lose track …

We’ve just entered not only a new year but a new decade. It makes us contemplate our lives and priorities. This is healthy. We stop and consider if we need to include some changes. We should both individually and collectively as a society question our path from time to time. It gives us the options of adjusting the direction.

What if your New Year resolution was taking better care of your body? You want to eat less chocolate and more vegetables. You want to exercise more and sleep better. How do you do it?

I hope you read our post “Creating good habits”. It states that you need to repeat small acts that move you in the right direction rather than doing everything right for a week and then forget.

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What we put our energy into grows. What we think of, dream of and long for also needs our practical physical effort. Let’s rethink our resolutions soberly in the light of this new beginning. A normal reason for not sticking to our decisions is that we simply forget.

Before a routine has become a daily pattern I’s simply an idea. Ideas come and go. To hold on to them we need to repeat an action. Again, and again until it’s become a routine, which we don’t need to work to remember any more. The fun thing is that a visualization or affirmation can be a powerful support.

Start your day visualizing your actions of change. Spend a few minutes reminding yourself of what is important to you. See yourself buying the vegetables or doing your yoga. Feel how empowering it is sticking to your decisions. Then go out there and do that which aligns you with your true wishes for this year! In the evening before sleep, spend a few minutes with affirmations that support your path! Don’t lie, just be encouraging!

1. Reminders

Post-it notes, alarms on your mobile, morning visualization

2. Actions

Putting your energy into what matters to you

3. Daily affirmations

The last minutes before you sleep just talk to your subconscious with statements that ring true to yourself, bringing you closer to your own fulfilment.

We will post some encouraging affirmations to inspire you in our next post here at Zikey!



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