NEWS: Your Daily Card!

We now have a new application on our site! “Your Daily Card” provides you with the daily guidance you need. It’s like a key to the universe.

I know, it sounds impossible, such a key doesn’t exist. But wait, we’ve all heard it before, there is only one way to go if we want to understand and experience this universe in depth: Through ourselves.

Background story

In 2003 I was lucky enough to publish a book with 53 magical cards of art together with Joanna Crowson and artist Katrina Vrebalovich. “The key to the Universe” is now online in this abbreviated version. These cards will now be available to you on our “Daily Card” site, each with an explanatory text to provide you with counselling. The combination of visual inspiration and words creates a left brain /right brain connection which is nothing less than magical.

Why draw a daily card?

There are several reasons for you to use these cards. First off, it’s a daily reminder of how you are part of this energetic universe, where everything is interconnected. Another reason, which I personally find extremely useful, is simply drawing a card to enlighten myself with what theme I should focus on in a given situation. It helps me stay focused, it helps me solve problems, it helps me interact constructively with others. Also, it simply brings me joy. Through the cards, I feel like I’m playing with the universe and thus am forced to evolve! That is a great feeling.

How does it work?

The crucial thing in order to get a useful answer, is to have a clear question in mind. An intention. Yes/no questions do not work well, I would rather suggest something in the direction of “What do I need right now?” or “How do I handle this situation for the best of all?”.

The card presented to you, will give you a suggestion of what kind of energy you need to use more actively.

Why it works is beyond my understanding, but it simply does. At least for me. Maybe quantum physics and the understanding of a holographic universe will lead us to the answer. So, I truly urge you to try out our new service “Your Daily Card” here on Zikey!

And if you’re a pro in oracle cards like Tarot or Medicine cards, just pick as many as you like and use them your own way.

“You are the key”, said my guide Hilarion long ago, when we started the work on the 12 universal energies. And so are you.

To all of you, have a magical day!

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