Do you need a reminder?

Do you recognize the feeling of not being good enough, not working hard enough, or not dedicating enough time for your children or partner? Do you run around with a constant feeling of guilt? Let me share some thoughts with you.

Guilt is an incredibly important feeling. It’s an unpleasant experience, but it’s full of information. It may ask you to rearrange something in your life. If you have wronged someone, the feeling of guilt can make you regret. This brings the opportunity to mend your words or deeds. It’s your conscience telling you to adjust something. Rather than allowing this feeling to grow inside you, you can act. But when you don’t act or change anything, this emotion can pester you for a long time. It can even take residence in your habitual way of feeling. So, offering apologies, making amends and ‘getting things out of the way’ is crucial. But at the same time, you must be willing to let it go when there’s nothing else you can do.

But what if you haven’t done any actual wrongs, or at least you don’t know what they may be. Yet the feeling of guilt for not being good enough is there, lingering. Maybe you just expect too much of yourself? Or are you trying to fulfill someone else’s expectation? When you can’t seem to feel good enough whatever you do, it’s time to stop. It’s a signal that you’re wasting energy. It’s time to realize that you are trying too hard. Running too fast. My experience is that love, of whatever kind, invites you to be present. Breathe. Slow down. Look around you. Maybe the hamster wheel is spinning faster and faster simply because you are running. Maybe it’s not your body running, but your thoughts? Love requires presence. Self-love requires presence. To go shopping clothes in order to be “kind to yourself” will not solve your problem. The commercials of “because you deserve it” are profitable campaigns! You can’t heal your inner feelings long-term by external stimuli. Your inner world needs to be taken seriously. Get help, consciously work on your issues and love will slowly but surely find back to your heart. This is an inner process. Dedicate to it.

And this is where the spiritual perspective has so much to offer. You are part of everything else. You are divine in your very being. Yes, you can improve your actions, your reactions and your way of dealing with the world. But you deserve love like everyone else. Love is your essence. Love is everywhere around you. It is the very power of life. You only need to stop resisting it and accept it. It flows through your veins; it is breathing through you. Whatever you have experienced or learned that made you resist love, let it go. Be kind to yourself. Speak gently. You are good enough. You are love.

So, let’s keep spreading these love-vibes to each other! ♡

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