Meditation: Channeling love

This is truly a challenging time for many of us. To stay centered and focused can be hard and requires some dedication. For me meditation is crucial to stay as healthy and happy as possible!

I see meditation as a tool to healing, clarifying my intentions, strengthening my energy and empowering my self-worth. Or, simply put: Find peace and love.

Often, I hear people say it’s difficult to go deep and find peace through meditation. Of course, it is! We are so used to inputs all day long, that silence can be the hardest of all! Although I love silent meditations simply because I have practiced for so many years, I also have moments where I struggle to calm down my thoughts. In those cases, I use guided meditations.

A guided meditation helps me calm down, slowing my breath and allowing for a more peaceful focus. Sometimes I use it before a silent meditation, or as a power recharge during the day. I encourage you all to use whatever technique you like, but actually sit in meditation for at least 20 minutes a day. It’s the best health insurance I know of.

NB! Available soon:

Divine Love; a deep and relaxing meditation that puts you in contact with your inner source. This is an energy activation based on The Law of Love and focuses on opening your own channel for love and wisdom. This powerful music is made by my brother, Ivar Winther, and guided by myself.

We are all connected. One Love.


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