3 tips to stay healthy during flu season

Prevention is the best medicine!

Awareness makes us able to take care of ourselves, and prevention is still the best medicine! Why not strengthen the immune system in all the easy ways possible and avoid the hard knockout of this flu season?

  1. Beta glucans: The Beta glucans are found in the cell walls of grains and fungi and you get them by eating ie. outmeal. To get enough to prevent the flu and cold, a supplement daily is highly recommended. And it’s my no 1 prevention remedy!
  • Spice up your food and drinks! Ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper and chilli are some of the spices that keep you worm, strengthen the immune system and keeps you strong through the season. Enjoy them every day!
  • Keep warm! Yes, I know you already know, but sometimes we all need a reminder. Woolen socks and underwear are crucial to preventing the flu. Why not forget about vanity and keep your body warm?

These three basic rules keep me from sneezing and coughing through the winter. I wish you a happy, healthy season!

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