Do you need to regain equilibrium?

Our second Cycle Card out is: Balance!

It’s easy to accept that we need balance. But what is balance and how do we create balance in our own lives? And what about emotional balance?

First of all, I think it is useful to see balance as something we create and re-create again and again, meaning we move out of balance to then regain a new equilibrium. Imagine someone walking on a tight rope. Carefully, with full attention and focus she moves one foot in front of the other, regaining new balance, then moving on. Balance requires moving on. Standing completely still is very demanding whereas continuing the movement is easier.

Balance doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. It doesn’t require you to always feel good. Different situations require different means. Our emotions help us pick up the tool we need. And then we move on.

Taking responsibility for our own feelings gives us tools to act according to the situation. Dwelling in negative emotions because others made us feel this way in the first place will not help us regain our balance.

You can’t take responsibility for how other people live their life. Not for what they say or do or feel. Taking responsibility for your own energy, own emotions and own actions is your power to create peace inside! When you do, it’s like acquiring new balance, which little by little make you feel calm.

Artwork by Katrina Vrebalovich

Intense feelings are good as long as you know your way back to peace. Meditation is a good practice for training for a peaceful mind. The Law of Balance is calmly letting you experience life through the colours of your emotions and yet bringing you back to calmness. Sometimes life is a little bit like walking on a tight rope so, keep moving forward by losing and regaining new balance again and again and find you peace with it!

Our next Cycle Card will be about consciousness… so remember to stick around! ♡

Lots of love. See you next time!

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