2022 Balance for the good of all

I’m writing this long due blog post from Spain.

Although very personal, I will definitely come to the energetically interesting aspects of this year 2022.

The tall palm trees seem to be dancing along the beach.

They’re not resisting but playing with the strong force of the wind.

It’s still only January and I need a good jacket to walk along the shore.

As the wind cleanses my head, my spirit is re-awakening.

I feel so extremely blessed.

2021 was an incredible year. In its deepest sense.

I would never have guessed how we could interpret the world so differently.

How friends and family members could turn against each other.

How people could ridicule different choices and opinions.

I’m absolutely used to standing my ground and taking unorthodox choices.

(You may know my story of living a life with the effects of childhood illness and alternative choices.)

So, I’m not surprised we all have different ways of perceiving the global situation.

I’m surprised we find it in us to actively believe we possess ‘the truth’ in a complex world of interactions on all possible levels.

The intention behind Zikey – this page, the energy system, our sharing of meditations and tools for personal growth is love.

The thing is, if love is our intention, we don’t need to hate those who see things differently. We need to grow to be guided by awareness rather than ego (the ego shouldn’t really be our driver, but the car that consciousness itself is driving

Anyways, if we want solutions, a future, health, love and happiness, our frequencies need to raise. Obviously, this is my point of view. As I myself have been taught by my guides.

Consciousness (Law no 3) is neutral. It’s clear and bright, able to look at numbers and statistics without an emotional outburst. Without judgement.

I know we’re only humans, and emotions are getting in our way if we don’t use them purposefully.

But let me look at our dualistic interpretations of the evolution of covid for a second.

Not because I think it’s the most urgent matter on the planet right now, but because that’s where the focus of politicians and media still is directed.

The unvaccinated getting covid are mostly grateful for having their immune system working. They see the virus naturally weakened by mutations as predicted, and thus passing the illness with ease.

The vaccinated getting covid are mostly grateful for getting the illness in a light form because they took the vaccine. Which prevented them for getting really ill.

From our perspective we use information to reinforce our beliefs. That’s why we need independent research and that’s why we need to learn to be humble.

We all may be wrong about a lot of things seen in hindsight.

Personally, I kept working too much the last months before Christmas.

My building was being renovated and the cold crept into my apartment.

The noise of drilling in concrete for weeks was unsettling and so I worked even more trying not to notice.

I wanted to prove my own strength to myself;

That I’m able to stand noise and cold even with my damaged body.

It ended as it easily does with me, with a heavy inflammation of eyes/optic nerve with pain everywhere.

For weeks. No pc, no Insta or FB or Netflix.

I was out of balance.

My amazing kids got me down to Spain. To our second homeland.

The air, the language, the energy field was simply liberating.

My sister came on her turn to give me more healing.

The strongest painkiller, which always works for me.

That’s why I feel blessed.

Because I experience love around me and no judgement.

2022 is a year of incredible potential and yet we should be aware of polarization and judgement.

Law no 2 is The Law of Balance.

It’s about understanding the movement between opposite poles.

The trap is to get stuck in a black and white opinion of the world and our problems.

We can easily forget the nuances, although they are there.

We deal with this Law tree folded.

(More on Balance and how it’s not really something we should keep but rather reestablish you can find in my courses).

2022 becomes a 6. Law no 6 is The Law of Spirituality.

Spirituality is about Wholeness.

How everything is interconnected.

We may transcend to a higher dimensional understanding this year.

It doesn’t depend on our opinions, but on our ability to be humble and conscious at the same time.

On our ability to keep evolving and focusing on being driven by awareness rather than the need to be right.

Being led by love rather than by fear.

Because fear is there to help us overcome, help us grow, help us evolve.

But love is our mission.

Let’s create a wonderful experience of keeping love at the centre.

Let’s fight for what we believe is right and keep love in our hearts, without judgement and ridicule.

Because it’s so much easier to feel blessed in this life with some friendly love around.


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