A new POWER MEDITATION to let go of stuck Emotions and HEAL old pain!

Based on the Law No 8: The Law of Freedom from the Zikey toolkit.


For the last couple of months, I have been doing a lot of Shadow Work again.

Shadow Work is the process of exploring the subconscious and repressed aspects of the Self.

Life can be a handful. Sometimes almost too much to handle.

That’s why it’s healthy to let go of old hurts and pains, so we don’t carry more than necessary.

I definitely think it’s healthy to exercise the ‘muscles’ and challenge ourselves out of the comfort zone too, so that we get stronger and more able to handle life when it gets tough.

Because it does. For all of us.


We need to handle disappointments, losses, fear and inner resistance, and we need to handle a world in such a rapid change we have troubles following.

Now I do believe we have a lot of potential for great days, happiness and strength to support and lift each other up!

  • If you’re a person who tend to support others today, I have a special gift for you!
  • If you’re a person struggling right now, the gift is for you too.
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I have created a SHADOW WORK Water Cleansing Meditation which is now available on YouTube.

We are together on this journey. To me that means we have a responsibility to take care of one another.

Because we all need support from time to time.

And the more of the old stuff we are able to let go of, the easier it becomes to carry the present moment.

If everything feels overwhelming, sometimes it’s better to dive into those emotions and release them, rather than repressing them once again.


Personally, I have been working with some emotional patters from my childhood. It has to do with how I express and experience fear. I used to be afraid a lot because I was living in a hospital huge parts of my childhood. To express my anxiety and even my panic attacks in the hospital was not popular. I was even told by some nurses that if I cried every time my mother or father left me, they wouldn’t be allowed to visit me anymore.

Now, I am not telling you this to blame anyone or to make you feel sorry for me. It was the 70’s after all. Pedagogic approaches weren’t really commonplace just yet. I just want to show you an example of how we humans react to our environment, and adjust.

We all adjust as children. It is natural and normal. And it helps us survive challenging situations.

So, I became very good at suppressing my anxiety. Not showing emotions when I was brought into yet another operation. Just laying very very still. I felt extremely cold.

Now as an adult I have realized that I don’t often feel an emotion of fear. But I have learned to read the signs of my body. Both before and after an operation I tend to get extremely cold. To the degree of me just shaking without no control and the body temperature falling drastically. Or, in some other ocasions where fear is a natural emotion, I just faint (bringing me out of the situation all together)

So I have taken some time to work on these patterns. I have been able to understand them better and explain them better to the people I am with when it happens. Also, I have been trying to find out what I need in such situations. And just last week, I was able to convey my needs in an actual operation setting. It was the most healing experience in a long time. The entire team of nurses and doctors listened to me. The operation table was heated before I lay down. They monitored my temperature, kept me warm and took me seriously.

Zikey Posture

It made me able to relax into the present moment, letting go of all old stories in my mind and heart as they showed up. To me it was a miracle.

I woke up warm. I felt safe. The pain of the moment was exactly that: Only the present pain from surgery. No old pain, panic or ice cold body. Just a warm and relaxed me with great capacity to deal with the challenge of the moment.

That’a why I really wanted to share some of my techniques with you today. There are several videos on YouTube where you can hear me talk about shadow work, and to me, using meditation as an additional tool helps tremendously.

The SHADOW WORK Water Cleansing Meditation can help you energetically release emotional patterns and old scars too!

Giving yourself some space to feel and to heal.

We will create a space where you can reset your emotional patterns helped by the intensity of this very special music by my brother, Ivar Winther.


All you need to do is follow my voice and the movements of the music.

Simply relax as best as you can and allow the sounds to clear out the dust of the past, – to make some more space for YOU.

More space to breathe. Right here. Right now.


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