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Unlock the Secret to Guilt-Free relaxation!

Although all the self-developing tools in Zikey are important nothing can be more essential as the pause itself. Just think of music. If there were no pauses between the notes it would quickly become noice to our ears.

And still, it seems like we are creating more and more notes in our lives and forget about taking a break.

Or do we think we are Super-Humans who can focus on productivity and availability in all moments?

Well, here’s What You Should Know About Taking a Pause! – Spiritually!


There is one trick to increase your spiritual awareness and actually reach higher dimensional frequencies that all gurus and masters use.

It is also a powerful way to recharge your batteries and it is effortless.

For most people, that is. If guilt doesn’t destroy it.


I don’t know about you, but personally I used to feel guilty for resting.

I used to feel guilty for taking a break, especially when there were other people around.

It sort of feels odd, as I have a body that has quite a few challenges. Still I felt I didn’t want to be seen as ill or lazy and laying on the couch – to me – was a sign of being ill.

In hindsight I do realize that if I had rested more, I would have prevented a few situations in a better way. But luckily, I had my meditations.

When I started talking to others about this guilt, I realized it was true for many others as well!

Many of us are feeling guilty when relaxing and taking a break. Feeling the need to find excuses to close the eyes for some moments during the day.

Some feel lazy, some feel there isn’t really time to stop and rest.

And with busy people around you it can be even harder to justify your timeout.


Spiritually, though, the PAUSE is of uttermost importance!

The pause is when all energies withdraw and sort of reset themselves.

It means recharge, re-align to your higher awareness and is essential for the spiritual awakening process. It is also important for our mind, body and and the connection to the soul.


The weird thing is that when we don’t take a break in time, our higher awareness seems to help us.

Annoying things start happening: The car won’t start, our back starts hurting, the train is cancelled, we oversleep… often something to do with movement or transportation. But it can be anything really, let me know in the comments if you have experienced something similar💛

If we willingly create time and space for resting, we actually increase our awareness!

And I’ll tell you why!

When the mind and our body rest, the brainwave activity slows down.

When the brainwave-activity slows down, the awareness frequencies increases!


Practically it means:

  • it is easier to hear your own intuition when you are relaxed.
  • It is easier to connect to your higher self when you relax.
  • It is easier to be in alignment with your purpose when you relax.


So, let’s remind ourselves  – every time we’re laying on the couch – that we are realigning energies.

We are doing essential spiritual work!!!

Let’s remind ourselves of this very important job, to calm down and make space for our entire being. Not only our physical or mental capacity, but the entire spirituality embodied.

This makes it so much easier to relax!

I do suggest you turn off the pc or tv for at least 12 minutes while resting.

It makes a difference!


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This is why we meditate. But even laying on the couch or closing your eyes out on your balcony will make a change! As long as you’re guilt free!

Here is a link to a meditation to follow if you want some help:

And if you want to use 12 minutes a day being guided on this journey, please check out the 21-day Self-Healing meditation course on our pages.

Here is the link


I really hope this will help you getting a guilt-free relaxation from now on!

And do you want to check out this issue on YouTube here is a link to that as well

I wish you a beautiful day💛

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