We or them; – why do we distinguish our self from oneness?

Cycle Card number 6: Wholeness.

Recognizing that we are living in an interconnected world gives us the power to create magic. Because what one person alone can do will always depend upon the energy and people behind supporting. This is to me spirituality.  

I will tell you a very magical and beautiful experience that I have had not once, but quite a few times in my life.  

I’m on the train eating an apple, on my way to a course I’ll be giving on The Zikey Star. I struggle as my fingers will not collaborate and hold on to this apple. My fingers, deformed by arthritis from my childhood, are unreliable and weak. I am thinking of the drum circle we will be having, where I will beat the shamanic drum for 2-3 hours. How will my hands manage when I can’t hold on to an apple for a few minutes? In the evening I battle with the toothbrush of the same reason. So, I go into the drum circle with one state of mind only: Faith. I trust it will work although I have no clue as to how.  

3 hours later I am radiant and exhausted and truly happy. An amazing circle with great people and singing drums, resonating with each other is over. My hand feels good. All feels good. I have held the stick and beating the drum for the entire session.   

Why? Because in a group I am not alone with my limited energy only. We are creating a powerful circle and energy is being shared, through the rhythm and the chanting and the movements. The togetherness in itself is magical. And I am more than me, I am part of it all.  

In Zikey this is The Law of Spirituality 

Artwork by Katrina Vrebalovich

In these times of distress, with racial awareness and willingness to fight for each other I hope as many as possible can hold a vision of wholeness. Separation and hatred doesn’t bring us forward, it never has. Uniting the forces of love on the other hand… Let’s remind our self of the simple truth that we belong to the same universe, we are all interconnected and we need each other to survive. Those of us not directly hurt by regimes that discriminate could connect to this higher awareness and support equality without creating a “them and us”. Those of us who have a surplus of energy could work energetically, politically, mentally, and emotionally to promote wholeness rather than separation. The trees can do it. Let’s stand together in love and correct what has fallen out of this embrace.  

With love,


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