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How do you define reality?

Our 4th Cycle Card out is: Definition! This card belongs within the Law of Safety, a law which relates to our way of structuring and defining our world. Let me simply call it the ego or identity. When our understanding of reality fits with our experience of reality, we feel safe in our own self. New experiences and perspectives challenge this […]

Creating good habits

During this hectic Christmas season filled with gift shopping, wish lists, food preparations, Christmas cards, invitations, celebrations and an overall busy calendar – it is important to support ourselves with good routines. Sometimes we really need, or want, to change these. Maybe you want to drink less coffee? Maybe you need to feel less stressed? […]

Do you need to regain equilibrium?

Our second Cycle Card out is: Balance! It’s easy to accept that we need balance. But what is balance and how do we create balance in our own lives? And what about emotional balance? First of all, I think it is useful to see balance as something we create and re-create again and again, meaning […]

Water Kefir

Water Kefir,  – delicious soda that keeps your gut healthy! We all know that normal sodas from the grocery shop aren’t good for us. They are either filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners, none of which our bodies need. So – try changing a bad habit into an excellent one, with some fun in the […]